What Socialism Means

The social antipathy that exists between self-identified leftists and self-identified liberals, particularly on social media, has obscured the remarkable symmetry between both groups in terms of fundamental structural approaches to economics.
To be clear: I am as enthusiastic and optimistic about left politics as I have been in my adult life. The recent shift in the range of the acceptable opinions, in polite political conversation, has been massive, and it has real-world consequences for policy. The possibilities are remarkable. But that’s all they are, right now – possibilities. We haven’t accomplished anything yet, and to turn potential into power we need to have the tough conversations about what we stand for and don’t. We are getting ahead of ourselves, and we shouldn’t.
Socialism, at bottom, must entail an alternative to capitalism, not a series of systems to ameliorate capitalism’s deprivations. It must do away with the profit motive and markets, or else it is bound to fail.

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