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The company’s production units boast of 2 manufacturing units with multiple pilfer proof cap production lines.


We can manufacture various shapes and sizes as per the client’s requirement. Ryan Seals’ has catered to a number of clients with varied requirements and specifications since 1986

We have always been inclined towards upgrading and enhancing the technology environment.   Advanced equipment like high-speed power presses and high-speed knurling-wading machinery have escalated production quantities while reducing time taken from order to supply. These are supported by electronic counting facilities that have increased the production capacity as well as quality standards. The machines are manned by highly-qualified and experienced personnel who ensure a smooth production process from start to finish.

Our Process

Procurement of Jumbo coils

Cutting of sheets for printing

Printing of sheets

Slitting of printed sheets

Punching of printed sheets

Knurling of lid

Wadding of lids

QC inspection at all levels

Export worthy packaging of the finished product

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